Travel Therapy in Williamsburg

Last year, Team Virginia Beer Co. was invited to visit NYC for a Visit Williamsburg event. One Williamsburg visiting another...very existential! During this visit we had the pleasure of meeting Karen Schaler, host of Travel Therapy. As they say, all good things come to those who wait - last month, Karen made the trip to our own Williamsburg in Virginia. She visited a number of spectacular locations in the area including The Williamsburg Winery, Alewerks Brewing Company, and Silver Hand Meadery. We had just started brewing a couple weeks prior, and we were fortunate enough to also host Karen during her tour! Check out the video below and make plans to visit all of these great Williamsburg area destinations this spring!

TRAVEL THERAPY with Karen Schaler Featuring Greater Williamsburg, Virginia as Hidden Gem Winter Romantic Escape for Couples. See Karen's top foodie finds, resorts, spas and craft beverages.

Cheers To Williamsburg(s)!

We had the pleasure of attending a Visit Williamsburg (VA) event in New York City earlier this week. It was a wonderful occasion to discuss the many awesome things happening in Williamsburg, from the history to the amusement parks to the food and drink. It was a well-timed event, because soon after Yahoo! Travel dropped the gauntlet for the Williamsburg smackdown:  Willilamsburg, VA vs. Williamsburg, NY. We may be partial...

"As with its Brooklyn counterpart, it’s all about hops here, too. AleWerks hosts brewery tours and features beer from a 17th-century recipe you can sip at reopened Chowning’s Tavern in the Colonial part of the town.

And while Virginia is becoming well-known in the region for its plentiful wineries, including the picnic-ready Williamsburg Winery, breweries are making their stamp, too. Both the [The] Virginia Beer Company and the Williamsburg Distillery are set to open later this year."

- Ko Im, History or Hipsters — Williamsburg, Va., vs. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y.

So much going on in Williamsburg, VA! While we clearly have our loyalties, any time we're mentioned in the same breath as AleWerks Brewing and the The Brooklyn Brewery, we're more than happy to continue researching the match-up. And hey, if the end result is a bearded Thomas Jefferson wearing a flannel tricorne hat, we'll drink to that!

Better Know A Beer City, Part 1 - NYC!

Better Know A Beer City, Part 1 - NYC!

Welcome to Part 1 of our new series, Better Know A Beer City! It's only fitting that we begin with New Amsterdam, The Modern Gomorrah, Gotham, The Big Apple...New York City! I say that for a few reasons: I was born there, I lived there post-college, Robby and I have spent many, many weekends enjoying the beer scene, and, finally, I am currently gracing the City with my presence.

The craft beer scene was still in its infancy when I moved to New York City in July of 2007. There were definitely well-known craft beer bars that had been around for a significant amount of time, but most of the Irish pubs, dive bars, and restaurants hadn't yet embraced the movement. Two of the most famous of NYC's craft beer vanguard are...