RVA Beer Tour

I've already waxed poetic in a previous post about the advantages of becoming members of the Brewers Association (or BA). Even before The Virginia Beer Company is up and pouring, we've learned a vast amount from our peers in the industry. I can say in earnest that our time as members of the BA up to this point hasn't been a boondoggle – the exposure to our future vendors and the networking opportunities have more than paid for the annual fee to be members. 

One such networking opportunity came up in early May of this year. Chris and I have been lucky enough to get to know Michael Felberbaum over the past months. Michael is an Associated Press writer who covers tobacco, autos, technology, business, craft beer, and general Virginia news. He’s also an avid hockey player, a subject along with craft beer and the Commonwealth of Virginia that is close to VBC’s heart! Michael was kind enough to invite me and Chris up to Richmond for what turned out to be...