Festival of Beers

After a brief hiatus from blog posts while we dedicated time to launching Virginia Beer Co.’s official Facebook page (shameless plug), we are back to VB(log)C-ing! Our first return entry is about a topic that should be quite relevant to everyone’s summer plans:  craft beer festivals! As the summer months are now upon us, it's prime time to enjoy the outdoors...and what better way to do so than surrounded by craft breweries from all over the country?! 

Summer festivals are a great way to try different offerings by many craft breweries in one place. These festivals are not organized in an arsy-varsy manner; quite the opposite, there is input from event organizers, distributors, and participants to help put on an organized affair. Therefore they make for a great environment to try multiple samples from every participating brewery’s portfolio while engaging with brewery staff. These festivals are often arranged by a community organization or private group, so sometimes they may focus exclusively on craft beer and on other occasions the beer may simply be one aspect of a larger event. VBC was stoked to participate in our first ever festival only a couple weeks ago, New Town Summer Fest

The Wild West (aka, Social Media)

As Chris and I have continued to work through various aspects of opening Virginia Beer Co., we have started to establish a humble online presence. We figured it would be better to have some presence in the world than none at all. So while we may still be a little ways off from our physical (eg, liquid) presence in the craft beer industry, we can at least reach into the world and connect with like-minded individuals and entities. The power of the online world and social media is such that even before a drop of sweet, sweet beer is produced for public consumption, we can span VBC across the state, the country, and the world, unveiling our plans to the public at large. It’s thrilling to put something like a link to a blog post out on Twitter and see the kind of response – any response really – we get from old friends and new friends alike. Seeing the number of followers grow, being delighted by more hits on our fledgling website, and interacting with our compatriots in the craft beer universe…well, it’s enough to convince you that meliorism in the craft beer world does exist! And hopefully a preview of the thrill we’ll experience when we can finally do the same in person once our beer is flowing in the VBC taproom and beyond. 

As a brewery-in-planning (our first formal name at the CBC in 2012) the power of social media is not something to be overlooked. As soon as Chris and I (ie, Erin) settled on The Virginia Beer Company as the official name for our enterprise we quickly decided on handles for many of our social media accounts. That said, we had to make a decision on what social media accounts to create handles for; there are quite a few and it didn't seem prudent to have a lot of Virginia Beer Co. entities floating around in perpetuity with no content. We decided on a choice few to start, and Chris was the first to change his workplace on Facebook to The Virginia Beer Company, LLC, which, word to the wise, actually created an unofficial Facebook page for the brewery! We’re working to get the official Facebook page launched very soon, so keep your browsers at the ready! 

Twitter - @VirginiaBeerCo

Instagram - @VirginiaBeerCo

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