One Potato, New Potato

The Virginia Beer Co. has been lucky enough to find itself in mentioned (loosely, at times) in some interesting publications over the past year. This time we find ourselves named as a beverage of choice for a big meal!

What would your last meal be? Who would it be with?

"A burger from Father’s Office, a pear tart from Sweet Lady Jane (L.A. bakery) and an IPA from Virginia Beer Company. And if my girlfriend wasn’t around for my last meal ever, along with zero members of my family, then perhaps Tom Hanks or Christopher Hitchens."

- Ian Harding, The New Potato

We appreciate the honor and hope we can all enjoy our IPA (and other Burg Beers) at many a meal along the way!

#BurgBeer on ABC's The Chew


As a brewery-in-planning we won't say no to free press, even if it's indirect! Take Thursday afternoon's episode of The Chew for example, where guest Ian Harding talks about his Virginia roots and mentions a new brewery opening in Williamsburg, VA. Starts just after the 41 minute mark!

The Chew:  The Secret Ingredient

We're confident we know what brewery he's referring to...and if we're wrong, we'll be happy to welcome more craft beer to the neighborhood!

The Virginia Beer Co. in Maxim? The Virginia Beer Co. in Maxim.

Check out the second entry in this slideshow! Thanks to our friend Ian Harding for the free craft beer press! Guess that first pint of Burg Beer is on us!

“I’ll really drink anything, which could be the headline for my E! True Hollywood Story. It depends on the mood, if you go to like a really nice restaurant maybe you try some fancy cocktail, but if someone put a gun to my head and said ‘You can only have one form of alcohol for the rest of your life’ I’d say what a [f-ing] odd demand, and then it would be beer. My buddy is starting a brewery in Williamsburg, Virginia, called The Virginia Beer Company, and I’m kind of helping with that. I just love it... ”

— Ian Harding, actor & man with excellent taste in beverage choice

Read the rest of the quote in the slideshow on Maxim's website. Cheers, Hollywood!