VBC does ACBW: May 14-20, 2018

VBC is celebrating small, independent craft beer with a week of events in honour of American Craft Beer Week! Join us every day from open on Monday, May 14th through close on Sunday, May 20th for a week of taproom events, new beers, new food trucks, daily specials, and a surprise or three.

May 14th-20th / " Spirit Week Special”
🍺 Rock ANY American craft brewery swag and receive 20% off VBC swag!

Monday, May 14th / 4-9 pm
🍺 Event: Walk-Thru with Willey
(brewery tours and Q&A on the half-hour, 5-8 pm)
🍺 Special: Treat Yo' Self to Industry Night
🍺 Food Truck: The Black Pearl

Tuesday, May 15th / 6-9 pm
🍺 Event: WSOL Encore Affairs Live Music, Food Truck & Brewery Tour
(Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra League Encore Affairs fundraiser)
🍺 Live Music: Bill and Pam Gurley with Fiddlesticks
🍺 Food Truck: FoodaTude..Food with Attitude

Wednesday, May 16th / 4-9 pm
🍺 Event: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Beer!
(Rock/Paper/Scissors tourney for prizes!)
🍺 Special: Gather The Tribe
🍺 Food Truck DEBUT: The Hungry Pug

Thursday, May 17th / 4-9 pm
🍺 Event: Arcade Hero: ACBW Video Game Night
(classic systems, FREE play!)
🍺 Special: Hot For Teacher
🍺 Food Truck DEBUT: Bojangles'

Friday, May 18th / 12-9:30 pm
🍺 Event: Taproom Battle: Dueling Pins
(TWO cask tappings @ 4 pm)
🍺 Special: Discounted to-go fills, 12-3 pm
🍺 Live Music: Cole Stevens and the Delta Daggers
🍺 Late Night: Salsa Night at VBC
(DJ + dancing w/ Victor Haskins & DJ Alex.VA)
🍺 Food Truck: Cubania

Saturday, May 19th / 12-9:30 pm
🍺 Event: Brewers Brawl: Flight of the Daylights
(THREE limited variant tappings @ Noon)
🍺 Special: FREE brewery tours, 3 pm & 4 pm
🍺 Food Truck: The German Snack Shack

Sunday, May 20th / 12-7 pm
🍺 Event: Tie-Dye Party: Deadbolt Style
(Tie-dye your own Deadoblt t-shirt)
🍺 Special: Takeaway discounts on Cans + Fills
🍺 Live Music: Haze & Dacey
🍺 Food Truck: Suck On This BBQ

Plus: An entire month of #DeadboltDay events!


Travel Therapy in Williamsburg

Last year, Team Virginia Beer Co. was invited to visit NYC for a Visit Williamsburg event. One Williamsburg visiting another...very existential! During this visit we had the pleasure of meeting Karen Schaler, host of Travel Therapy. As they say, all good things come to those who wait - last month, Karen made the trip to our own Williamsburg in Virginia. She visited a number of spectacular locations in the area including The Williamsburg Winery, Alewerks Brewing Company, and Silver Hand Meadery. We had just started brewing a couple weeks prior, and we were fortunate enough to also host Karen during her tour! Check out the video below and make plans to visit all of these great Williamsburg area destinations this spring!

TRAVEL THERAPY with Karen Schaler Featuring Greater Williamsburg, Virginia as Hidden Gem Winter Romantic Escape for Couples. See Karen's top foodie finds, resorts, spas and craft beverages.

Colonial Williamsburg's Ales Through The Ages

We love being part of a community that is always finding new ways to celebrate great beer. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is even getting in on the fun! The Foundation will be hosting a symposium entitled Ales Through The Ages from March 18-20. The three-day event is chock full of incredible speakers, including author Randy Mosher, Karen Fortmann of White Labs, author Stan Hieronymus, Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt, John Mallett of Bell's, Mitch Steele of Stone, and beer historian Ron Pattinson, just to name a few. Multiple tasting opportunities are also included in the schedule.

More information about the conference, including registration information, can be found here. Frank Clark, Master of Historic Foodways at Colonial Williamsburg, has done a fantastic job bringing such a high-profile symposium to Williamsburg. March is a beautiful month here in Williamsburg. We are looking forward to hosting craft beer lovers in town for the symposium in our taproom and beer garden! 


Better Know A Beer City Part 9 - Sydney, Australia

Better Know A Beer City Part 9 - Sydney, Australia

Editor's Note: Part 9 of our Better Know A Beer City series comes all the way from Down Under. Hannah Pigram currently resides in Sydney, Australia, originally coming from a small country town in New South Wales located very close to the border of Victoria with a population of 7,000. Having moved to The Big Smoke to study sports business, Hannah secured a job for a company that designs and sells packages and tours for people to attend sporting events and festivals domestically and internationally. One of the highlights of the job is of course the travel, and Hannah has been to places such as Hong Kong, Brazil and New Zealand for both Rugby Union and the FIFA World Cup. The next exciting step for Hannah is a move to the UK for 12 months to be a tour guide throughout Europe for her organization's London based company. She's excited about the water draining clockwise for awhile, to take as many side trips as possible to experience craft beers from around the world!

When in Sydney it is customary to take a ferry ride around the harbour and fight the masses to get the best selfie with iconic sights like the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Luna Park. Or you may want to head to Bondi, Coogee or Manly beaches for a refreshing swim and the burning Aussie sun.  And no, Manly is not home to steroid-pumping bodybuilders or men with puffed out chests starring in an upcoming David Attenborough documentary, rather a beautiful Northern Sydney suburb with a classic beach lifestyle and the best chilli chocolate ice-cream you will ever find.

Now I am going on the assumption that not many of you have made the journey across the Pacific to the land down under but put it off no longer as the Sydney craft beer scene is an experience you cannot miss. Below I have some of the favourites that are a must for all beer enthusiasts.

BOOM. Crafted (in Williamsburg).

Williamsburg, VA recently hosted its largest craft festival to date, Whistle Belly. The festival was met with a great reception! Large crowds, many breweries, spirits & wine, tasty food, good fun and the debut of The Virginia Beer Co.'s second collaboration, and first in the Virginia market, alongside Alewerks Brewing Co. This was the third iteration of the festival, coordinated in large part by DoG Street Pub, and if things continue moving in this direction it's safe to say we can look forward to more (and bigger) craft festivals in the future! Check out these articles from The Virginia Gazette & Daily Press: 

Whistle Belly craft beer festival draws big crowd

Williamsburg becoming microbrew hot spot in time for craft beer month

With two existing breweries, Alewerks Brewing Company and Brass Cannon Brewing Co. (and one in planning, of course!); a winery, The Williamsburg Winery; two distilleries, Copper Fox Distillery and The Williamsburg Distillery; and a new meadery, Silver Hand Meadery, Williamsburg will soon have liquid craft for all to enjoy!

This calls for a celebration. Come out to Alewerks on Thursday, 8/6 starting at 5 pm to celebrate Williamsburg's craft scene and National IPA Day with a pint of our Williamsburg collaboration Red Rye IPA!

The More The Merrier!

In the recent WY Daily article, JCC Planners OK Small-Scale Alcohol Production in Commercial Areas, The Virginia Beer Company received a shout out as an example of one member of the burgeoning craft industry in Virginia's Historic Triangle.

“Craft alcohol production is a burgeoning part of the Historic Triangle’s economy, with several new businesses either in the planning stages or in the process of opening for business.

The Silver Hand Meadery is seeking permission from the City of Williamsburg to open for business at the Monticello Shopping Center, while Copper Fox Distillery has acquired the former Lord Paget Motel and is working to open there.

In York County...AleWerks has been operating since 2006 and The Virginia Beer Company is expected to open in the county...on Second Street. York County altered its zoning ordinance in December to open more areas of the county to alcohol production. ”

— Gregory Connolly, WY Daily Reporter

We're happy to be a part of it and hope to make some history of our own!


Cheers To Williamsburg(s)!

We had the pleasure of attending a Visit Williamsburg (VA) event in New York City earlier this week. It was a wonderful occasion to discuss the many awesome things happening in Williamsburg, from the history to the amusement parks to the food and drink. It was a well-timed event, because soon after Yahoo! Travel dropped the gauntlet for the Williamsburg smackdown:  Willilamsburg, VA vs. Williamsburg, NY. We may be partial...

"As with its Brooklyn counterpart, it’s all about hops here, too. AleWerks hosts brewery tours and features beer from a 17th-century recipe you can sip at reopened Chowning’s Tavern in the Colonial part of the town.

And while Virginia is becoming well-known in the region for its plentiful wineries, including the picnic-ready Williamsburg Winery, breweries are making their stamp, too. Both the [The] Virginia Beer Company and the Williamsburg Distillery are set to open later this year."

- Ko Im, History or Hipsters — Williamsburg, Va., vs. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y.

So much going on in Williamsburg, VA! While we clearly have our loyalties, any time we're mentioned in the same breath as AleWerks Brewing and the The Brooklyn Brewery, we're more than happy to continue researching the match-up. And hey, if the end result is a bearded Thomas Jefferson wearing a flannel tricorne hat, we'll drink to that!

The Williamsburg Spirits Scene is A-"Buzz"!

The spirits industry in Williamsburg is growing right before our very eyes! First our friends over at Copper Fox Distillery announced their plans to open a second facility right down the road from 401, and now Silver Hand Meadery is bringing its award-winning meads to the Burg. If we hadn't already decided to open a brewery here we're pretty sure that all this news would encourage us to find an excuse to come to Williamsburg. New Business Hopes to Make a Buzz with Craft Mead

Cheers to much success, Glenn!

Update:  On May 25th, a follow up article was published confirming that Silver Hand can officially move forward with their project!

The Williamsburg Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend the City Council approve the Silver Hand Meadery’s application to open for business on Monticello Avenue next to the Monticello Shopping Center.

— Ian Brickey, Reporter

Block Party!

There's a lot going on in the world of Virginia craft beer and craft spirits! Not only is The Virginia Beer Co. working to open its doors in the fall, but we're seeing new brewery openings, new brewery features, and even some other craft ventures expanding all around us. For example, we've recently been referenced in two articles about the local spirits industry. The first, in the WY Daily, is announcing the formal opening of the Copper Fox Distillery's second location in Williamsburg, VA. The second, in the Daily Press, is a write-up on live music in breweries with a specific focus on our not-too-distant neighbor, St. George Brewing! Check out both articles here:  Whisky Maker Finalizes Purchase of City Motel

Daily Press:  Live music returns to St. George Brewing in Hampton

We really love this neighborhood of ours!

Beer Distribution - A Primer

The most frequently asked question we receive when discussing our brewery (outside of, "When will be able to drink you beer?!?") is about how we will distribute our products. If the interested party is expecting a short, simple answer, they are pretty much out of luck! Distribution is one of the most complicated topics for craft breweries, but also one of the most important decisions that will be made during the startup phase.

Beer distribution in the U.S. generally occurs through what is known as the three-tier system. Setup after the repeal of Prohibition, the three-tier system includes producers, wholesalers, and retailers. The structure can vary widely from state to state as a result of the 21st Amendment allowing each individual state to regulate alcohol as they see fit. In general, the system mandates that breweries can only sell to wholesalers, wholesalers can only sell to retailers, and retailers are the only tier that can sell to consumers. 

The introduction of the system was initially meant to decrease the possibility of monopolies...