Williamsburg Craft Collab Gets The Full Treatment

We here at The Virginia Beer Company are pretty stoked for Sunday's upcoming Whistle Belly festival here in Williamsburg. Beyond this shaping up to be an epic Virginia beer (and more!) event, it will also mark the debut of our second collaboration, and our very first in Virginia - a Red Rye IPA brewed with/at Alewerks Brewing Company! Our friends in the press have picked up on the story of Williamsburg's hometown brewery and Williamsburg's newest brewery coming together to celebrate craft beer in Williamsburg & Virginia. Read more about how this all came together, and join us on 8/2 to be some of the very first to try this new brew!

"'We're excited and honored to debut the collected efforts of Geoff Logan and Jonathan Newman at Whistle Belly,' says Michael Claar, DoG Street Pub General Manager and Whistle Belly festival organizer. 'This is a long awaited peek at what's in store from The Virginia Beer Company, who has been building anticipation from this community for a while.'"

"[Virginia Beer Co. Co-Founder Robby] Willey said Alewerks had been helpful and offered insights into the industry as Willey and co-founder Chris Smith prepare for a fall opening of the Virginia Beer Company. Willey said Red Rye IPA was a natural extension of that relationship."

 - Ian Brickey, WY Daily Reporter