Virginia Is For Beer...Ingredients

In the Spring 2015 issue of Virginia Craft Brews magazine, there's an interesting article entitled Virginia Brewers Supporting Small Scale Growers (page 21). With the Virginia craft beer landscape growing at a rapid pace it only makes sense that the VA industries supporting local craft beer would be growing too. And just like fans of craft enjoy drinking local, it's important that craft itself supports local. VBC and other Virginia craft breweries agree:

“Jonathan Newman, brewmaster at The Virginia Beer Co.[,] sees various challenges facing new breweries. While sourcing local ingredients...and yeast from RVA Yeast labs, Newman understands that the availability of local ingredients from growers and producers is...finite and knows that ‘once they’re out, they’re out.’ Newman believes in the added level of ‘story for a beer.’ When produced with local ingredients, it is something that customers gravitate to.”

— Jonathan Scott, The Virginia Hop Initiative

Cheers to Virginia beer...and all the Virginia ingredients that go into making it great!