Jonathan Newman, Actor

A couple of weeks ago the VBC crew was enjoying some great beer (a home brew test batch of our future Azacca/Chinook IPA) and casual conversation. We know all about Jonathan's talents as a brewer and have done our best to convey his skill and passion to our loyal followers. As it turns out, Jonathan has another great talent that he declined to share with us over the last year and a half! During our conversation, he very casually referred to his appearance on HGTV's Elbow Room. 

Robby, Master of Social Media Promotion: "Wait, wait, wait - did you say that you were on HGTV? And you didn't tell us?!?!?" It's true, readers! Jonathan had a cameo appearance on the show, which HGTV describes as follows: "In each episode of HGTV's Elbow Room, host Chip Wade helps a family who has outgrown their home devise and undertake an ingenious, large-scale renovation, custom remodel or home addition that's perfectly suited to the family's living needs." We're working on Jonathan's IMDB page right now - please send any glamour shots that might be in the Pace Academy or Sewanee archives! 

Jonathan made his appearance in Episode HELBR-309H, which features a renovation of an unfinished basement in an Atlanta-area home. One of the main upgrades was the installation of an electric brewing system, so the cast and crew of the show paid a visit to SweetWater Brewing Company (Jonathan's former employer) to pick the brewers' brains about the equipment and the process. Set your DVR to record a replay of the episode (airing on Tuesday, November 18th, at 11 AM EST; and again on Tuesday, December 16th, at 9 AM EST) to get a good look at Jonathan in action! We'll be sure to share further updates regarding Jonathan's acting career in the coming months and years. He's a star in the making!

What: HGTV's Elbow Room

When: Tuesday, 11/18, 11 AM EST & Tuesday, 12/16, 9 AM EST

Why: Brewmaster Jonathan Newman's tremendous acting chops