New (Old) Brewery in Williamsburg?

It looks like the competition among breweries in Williamsburg, VA just got a little deeper. This is most definitely a play on words, because the newest brewery discovered in the 'Burg is potentially its oldest! Archaeologists from Colonial Williamsburg have uncovered what they believe is the foundation of a colonial-era brewhouse near The College of William & Mary's Wren Building. 

I’ve seen at least a dozen digs [in Williamsburg, VA] during my time here - and this is the most important. It’s a real gold mine.

— Louise Kale, Historic Campus Executive Director, The College of W&M

We feel like The Virginia Beer Company will also be referred to as an historic goldmine in 300+ years, so this is great news! We're looking forward to hearing more about this new discovery and learning about the history of Burg Beer! 

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