Colonial Williamsburg's Ales Through The Ages

We love being part of a community that is always finding new ways to celebrate great beer. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is even getting in on the fun! The Foundation will be hosting a symposium entitled Ales Through The Ages from March 18-20. The three-day event is chock full of incredible speakers, including author Randy Mosher, Karen Fortmann of White Labs, author Stan Hieronymus, Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt, John Mallett of Bell's, Mitch Steele of Stone, and beer historian Ron Pattinson, just to name a few. Multiple tasting opportunities are also included in the schedule.

More information about the conference, including registration information, can be found here. Frank Clark, Master of Historic Foodways at Colonial Williamsburg, has done a fantastic job bringing such a high-profile symposium to Williamsburg. March is a beautiful month here in Williamsburg. We are looking forward to hosting craft beer lovers in town for the symposium in our taproom and beer garden!