2019 Full-Time Friends Membership


2019 Full-Time Friends Membership

from 175.00

Sign-ups end on 1/1/2019.

Benefits begin on 1/2/2019! 

Since opening in March of 2016, all of you have been the lifeblood of The Virginia Beer Company taproom. We know your names. We know your favorite beer styles. You are our friends. Full-time friends, in fact!

Let's celebrate this bond by lifting an (over-sized) pint together every week in the coming year. Join the Virginia Beer Co. inner circle and enjoy these Full-Time Friends social club benefits all year long:

  • Up-size your pints to 20 oz. pours in the taproom EVERY day (except when beers are served in 13 oz. glasses or are above 8% ABV)

  • 10% off full pours of beer above 8% ABV or served in 13 oz. or 20 oz. glasses

  • 20% off growler fills EVERY day

  • 10% off package beer to-go EVERY day

  • 20% off Virginia Beer Co. merchandise EVERY day

  • 10% off keg purchases every day

  • Quarterly VIP Experience

  • 2 Full-Time Friends Exclusive Beer Releases

  • Early Access to Select Specialty Releases

  • Full-Time Friends Exclusive Nonic Pint Glass

  • Full-Time Friends Exclusive Membership Bottle Opener

  • FREE Birthday Pint

And, as an optional add-on:

  • Up-Size your membership to include a personalized Full-Time Friends exclusive button-down shirt ($50 value)

  • If you select the Up-Size option, you will received a follow-up email during the first week of January to personalize your bonus swag

For additional information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

The Virginia Beer Co.’s Full-Time Friends:

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