All Beers Are Not Hopped Equally


A Rotating Celebration of Hops

Did you know that hoppiness does not always mean bitterness? Part of our small batch Workshop Series, this Experimental India Pale Ale series is a selection of recipes with a focus on educating palates of the many aromas + flavors of hops. Expect a new release at least once a month, with a new can release roughly every 4-6 weeks. 

An evolution of our "Green Series", these small batch recipes are most often brewed with yeast procured from nearby RVA Yeast Labs LLC that produces a juicy, smooth, and clean-finishing beer. Each recipe may be hopped with a variety of hop pellets, wet hops, and lupulin powder; then finished with no less than a 3 LBS. PER BBL dry-hop blend.

The result of each new addition to this series is an IPA with low perceived bitterness absolutely bursting with fresh hop flavors, allowing one to discover extremely prominent notes that are particular to the hop variety and blends used. 

While some recipes are brewed only once on our 5 bbl pilot brewhouse, taproom favorites often re-emerge annually and the most popular Special Releases are celebrated with their own annual can release. Favorites of the Experimental IPA series include: 

Check today's Tap List to see what Experimental IPA's are waiting to tantalize your senses in the taproom at 401 Second Street.